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Marrow: CD

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The long awaited debut album from Atlanta's most dynamic female-fronted Indie rock band has finally arrived. Marrow is a musical adventure that is at once cohesive and wildly diverse. Hailing from deep within the fabric of Atlanta's jam band scene, The Ain't Sisters are decidedly not a jam band, but you can taste the influences of their musical peers in the licks that flow between the sharp, witty lyrics of compositions that are at times as brief and rattling as early punk, stacked right against tracks that beckon you back into the sonic realms of 90's Alternative anthems. Rubbing up against Rhythm and Blues, taking on the roots music of the southern Appalachians, even delving into experimental ambient soundscapes, these girls from Atlanta have gathered inspiration over two lifetimes and poured it into a record that is quite unlike anything that exists in the vast sea of contemporary music. A unique experience. Refreshingly raw. Fresh, lively, thoughtful, and uplifting. Not to be missed. This is an album - and a band - that will get inside your head, and then move in, kick it's feet up on the table, and make itself at home.

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