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  1. Anne Frank

From the recording Marrow

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Words and music by Arrie Bozeman
Arrie Bozeman: vocals and electric guitar
Barb Carbon: vocals and acoustic guitar
Justin Boudreau: bass guitar
Aaron Kaufman: drums
Faye Petree: fiddle
Brad Bauman: harmonica
László Wisniewski: synthesizer


Anne Frank is in my fish tank waiting on the next meal to float on down wondering what the walls meant that day in the apartment when nobody else was around now the sucker’s still sucking on Buddha’s eyelid keeping the homestead nice and clean not worried ‘bout a damn thing focused and working on what he was meant to be meanwhile in the basement of a king sized mansion Master keeps his greed locked up in a safe before he closes his eyes got nothing for the homeless nothing for the hungry following false prophets as he lines his pockets in his sleep and the mothers are crying while their babies are dying all in the name of this new religion (in God we trust) try and keep your head up pick a faith and don’t let up the human race is just a hiccup in our galaxy man on the corner’s got nothing found a dumpster dog diving and all he wants to do is find them both some food and a safe warm bed he walks down to the shelter but no dogs are allowed there so he grabs them both a blanket and gives great thanks for another day another day another day another day and the streets are freezing and the colony’s teaming Cosmo is screaming down 5th Avenue and the strippers are spinning comets are singing the chorus of my favorite tune Anne Frank is in my fish tank in my fish tank in my in my Anne Frank is in my fish tank is in my fish tank in my in my in my